Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men

Hookers, domestic battery, drunken hotel binges with fits of anger, it should come as a surprise that CBS execs are said to be at a “high level of concern” over the recent troubles caused by Charlie Sheen.

The Two And A Half Men star has been making headlines since he threatened to kill his then wife Brooke Mueller during Christmas day 2009 at their Aspen, Colorado home. Sheen then spent parts of 2010 in rehab, while police were called to his hotel room in late 2010 where he was found passed out drunk and naked with hooker/pornstar Capri Anderson hiding in his suites closet, an encounter that later led to charges being filed against Sheen.

Sheen is currently the second highest paid actor on TV and a crucial part of his hit TV show. At one point Sheen’s antics were brushed out of the spotlight, as hookers and boozing fit his characters persona, however President of Entertainment for CBS Nini Tassler decided to answer questions at this weeks Television Critics Association Winter 2011 Session.

“We have a high level of concern and how could we not? On a very basic human level, concern, of course. This man is a father; he’s got children; he has a family… but you can’t look at it simplistically.”

Tassler added that Sheen has always been professional on the set, which is the main concern of the network:

“Charlie is a professional. He comes to work, he does his job extremely well,” Tassler said while adding, “He certainly knows how we feel… he knows the level of concern that we have. Right now, the show continues to be as successful as it always is. Everyone is doing their job and things are continuing as planned.”

What else could CBS possibly expect from their star who plays a hooker loving, alcohol binging character on their hit show.