Britney Spears Caught Kissing Johnathan Rotem!!!


Britney Spears is doing everything the new way.  A new look, a new album, new BFF & now a brand-spanking new mystery man to boot!  Wow, will wonders ever cease?  Probably not.

X17 caught up with Britney & her new man- see more of these amazing pics here.  On Sunday evening the two were spotted all over town.  First Brit & her new man were seen taking in a movie at the Grove; then the couple trucked on over to West Hollywood where they grabbed a bite (and a little something extra) at The 3rd Stop.

It looks like one of X17’s readers have now identified the mystery man as music producer Jonathan Rotem (compare pictures here).  I guess that does explain the goofy bling bling keyboard necklace.  You know, I just don’t think I’ll be happy until Brittney & Justin Timberlake have another go-round, sorry Cameron.  I’m done with all these sleazy one-nighters.

What do you think- Is Britney Spears’ mystery man Jonathan Rotem?