Best Hollywood Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrating Halloween in Hollywood can really bring the freak out of the stars with their strange party ideas, there’s enough chutzpah in the air to match the competitive cosplay of the San Diego Comic Con. As movies do inspire the best Halloween costumes, expect the famous and even the D-listers to dress to the scary nines as they get busy for Halloween parties and street carnivales.

As early as August some Celebs were already shopping for their Halloween costumes even hiring industry colleagues such as wardrobe designers, special effects artists and make-up professionals. Some do hit the 120,000 sq ft. warehouse rental racks of Hollywood’s Western Costume house for authencity, but the mad rush for costumes can be crazy.

Here are some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes ever:

Celebs in Kiddie Costumes
Nice of these two young Hollywood stars to channel their inner child inside. Here’s Dora the Explorer ditchin’ the baby fat as Jessica Alba parades around in a Dora costume saying ‘Hola!’ while Jason Biggs is adorable as Dorothy despite his hairy legs.

Celebs Doing Reality TV Costumes
Some odd costume choices for these celebs- Katie Couric triumphs as Donald Trump and Bette Midler is obviously Gordon Ramsay’s muse as a bloodied chef from Hell’s Kitchen.

H is for Halloween and Heidi
The Queen of Hollywood Halloween has to be no other than Heidi Klum (yes with or without Seal this Supermodel owns Halloween).

All the memorable, stunning and strange Halloween costumes belong to Heidi Klum. Her tall 5’9″ ft slender frame rocks it and the details in her costumes are to die for.

Just Hip for Halloween, Not B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
Hardrockin’ mommy Gwen Stefani went out as an egg to someone’s bacon a few Halloween nights ago and she also makes a pretty redhead cowboy Jesse from ToyStory 2.

All Hallows’ Eve Sexy Sirens
Halloween is both serious and sexy for these two: Kim Kardashian as a voluptuous Poison Ivy and Michelle Trachtenberg goes all funky as one of Tim Burton’s misfit creations.

Halloween’s House of Gaga
Lady Gaga lives everyday like Halloween, she never goes out of the house looking like most of us, she’s always in haute drag. Come Halloween she’ll probably wear a pair of mom jeans and a beer t-shirt to the horror of all her little monsters. But in Hollywood, Lady Gaga is one popular Halloween costume and so is Jesus. Perez Hilton digs them both.


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