Ashley Horn: Lindsay Lohan’s Newest Sister Revealed

Michael Lohan has finally gone on daytime TV for the big reveal of his illegit teenage daughter Ashley Horn.

The cherubic 15-year-old Ashley Horn is the lovechild of Michael Lohan with Kristi Kaufmann, the result of an affair they had in the mid-90s. No longer the secret half-sister, Ashley Horn Lohan is coming out of the woodwork to launch a music career with her debut single Play With The Boys.

A court in Montana declared that Michael was Ashley’s biological father and the Lohan surname was added to her birth certificate after a DNA test in 2008. But even that didn’t stopped Michael Lohan from taking his secret daughter on the Trisha Goddard show.

Ashley’s half sister may be that famous shoplifter and DUI tabloid fodder Lindsay Lohan. But being part of the Lohan family circle doesn’t really guarantee any showbiz success.

Even Lindsay’s full-blooded sister and brother Ali & Cody did desperately try launching their respective careers and failed so miserably even with a reality TV show and an overbearing Dina Lohan managing their careers.

Michael Lohan Sr. has 4 children with Dina Lohan- Lindsay, Michael Jr., Ali, and Cody. He is also expecting a baby with current flame Kate Major and possibly more future secret offsprings.