5 Reasons Why Tila Tequila Is A Nut Job

Where do we start?! It’s no secret that everything Tila Tequila does spells trouble, so we’re putting some of her blunders on the spotlight, which, hopefully, might serve as a wake up call to her and her wild ways…

Tila Tequila Visits SiriusXM

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The Singapore-born celebrity gained notoriety when she starred in A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, a dating show where both men and women were her contestants. People suspected that her bisexuality was a publicity stunt, so Tila drove home to Twitter and announced that she was actually a lesbian. Make up your mind, honey.

a shot at love with tila tequila



The issue between Tila Tequila and ex Shawne Merriman is eternally locked up on that dreaded gray area, with good reason. Tila claimed that she was “roughed up” by the San Diego Chargers linebacker at a party, while he insisted that the reality star was drunk and was only looking out for her. Eventually, after playing a tiring game of he-said, she-said, the issue died down naturally. No one even cared when they made up. Much ado about a party, really.

tila tequila and shawne merriman

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This tidbit is a bit of a relief, but crazy all the same. The MTV darling went to rehab for 30 days of “intense counseling” due to substance abuse and psychological issues after trying to kill herself all week last 2012. She was also “in and out of consciousness” in the house, prompting her roommate to take action. Back in 2010 (also), Tila also pranked the police into believing that she had a suicide. We guess it’s not always sweeter the second time, eh?

tila tequila suicide

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Somehow, we’re dubious about that treatment facility due this recent shocker: she’s pro-Hitler, at least her Facebook page says! Tila relates her conversion to Judaism to that of Adolf’s childhood, where they were both [said to be] mocked . The Jew-lovin’ Tila even posted this photo of her in a Nazi-inspired costume. Facebook’s retort: “BAN HER FOR 30 DAYS!”

tila tequila as a nazi

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She likes to put out (duh), but what use would that be if she doesn’t show it to the world?! Vivid Entertainment proudly releases the sex tape that we probably don’t want to see, for the first time. Girl needs to get herself together first before we classify her as “spank-worthy.” Just sayin’.

tila tequila sex tape

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