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John Mayer Starts The Apocalypse

So the story goes like this, John Mayer goes to Butter nightclub in NYC. Lindsay Lohan goes to Butter nightclub in NYC. Samantha Ronson is DJing at Butter nightclub in NYC. Do I even need to finish? Lindsay sat at John’s table. John worked some moves with Samantha and got her to come join his […]

No “Normal” Guy For Jen Aniston

A source close to Jennifer Aniston says that you won’t see her dating normal guys; that what she does is to go after the hottest guy at the moment, so that she will get herself in the limelight. Think Brad Pitt, John Mayer, Bradley Cooper, and Gerard Butler. I think, it’s circumstantial evidence at best. […]

Scheana Marie And John Mayer Having Fun

Don’t ask me what kind of fun, except that Scheana Marie simply said that. Rumors are going around that she and John Mayer are dating. They’re not “together” but they’re having fun, OK.

John Mayer SINGLE

He is NOT with Jennifer Aniston anymore, and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth. He says that he is single and that there is no one special in his life right now.

Jen Aniston And John Mayer Call It Quits?

Again? This pair has been going on and off for as long as we can remember. Rumors are going around that the couple have – again – split after Jen came back from Europe to promote Marley and Me. Sources say that it is John who dumped Jen. Poor girl!

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Lovey Dovey

The couple threw all inhibition to the air as the paparazzi snapped photos away on their double date night. Jen & John are normally reserved in public but that night, it seemed that they didn’t care that the whole world was watching them as they showed their affection for each other. Happy for them!

Aniston told Mayer to marry her

We’ve recently reported that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have reunited. But reports are now starting to come out that as part of Aniston’s condition to take back Mayer, she made him promise that they will get married. Is there such a term as a shotgun proposal?

Aniston, Mayer romance part deux

It looks like love is in the air again for both Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. There are reports that the two of them were seen kissing in Los Angeles two days ago. A reconciliation after Mayer basically pratted on about how they broke up? Only in Hollywood I tell you.

All alone

Bad move, John. Sources say that John Mayer’s lost a lot of his publicity appeal now that Jennifer Aniston’s gone. What, you thought people just wanted to see more of you?! Yeah, right. No wonder Jennifer looks sooooo happy. Loss of celebritydom is the best revenge.

John Mayer: no chemistry with Jen

John Mayer speaks up on the break up with Jennifer Aniston. No, it’s not what people think — no ugly cat fights or third parties. Just no chemistry. He seemed emotional, nervous and sad. “She is one of the smartest, most sophisticated women I know.”

Breaking up?

So is it true? Have John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston split up? Multiple sources have confirmed it, with one adding that “they are in different places in their life.” That’s funny. Jennifer Aniston’s done nothing but go to his concerts since they started dating in April.

John reveals fling with fan

No wonder Jennifer Aniston goes to all of John Mayer’s concerts — the singer candidly admitted that he had once hooked up with a fan.

You Tell Me: Would John Mayer & Cameron Diaz Make a Hot Couple?

Well folks, the word on the street by a pimp named Slim is that John Mayer & surfer girl Cameron Diaz might be trying to get into each other’s pants. The rumors are flying that Mayer & Diaz were seen enjoying a romantic dinner in New York City earlier this week.  The duo were spotted […]

Quote of the Day: John Mayer On Underage Drinking & His Fans

“To the 46 people accused of underage drinking [at one of his concerts]; what were you thinking? You have your whole life to engage in underage drinking. What’s the hurry? “I didn’t start underage drinking until I was 26. Underage drinking is not an function of age, but of style. And you kids are way […]

You Tell Me: Have We Seen the Last of John Mayer & Jessica Simpson?

Well, it appears as if the on again off again relationship between John Mayer & Jessica Simpson is once again off.  The duo tried to work out their differences recently on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, which should obviously cure everything, but to no avail.  A Mayer insider revealed, “It has been rocky and it had been rocky, and […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Jessica Simpson Keeping Her John Mayer Lips Sealed

Fresh from Cannes, Jessica Simpson was spotted on the streets of Manhattan Monday sporting a Rolling Stones t-shirt. Simpson was going it alone on the streets, but managed to squeeze in a date with her on again-off again beau John Mayer on Sunday.  What’s going to come of these two? I’m thinking splitsville for good.  […]