The Biebs Gets Snubbed by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera snubs Justin Bieber

Christina Aguilera and Justin Bieber

No offense to Justin Bieber fans – although you probably still will take offense – but cry me a frakkin’ river. Seriously. This is Christina Aguilera we’re talking about. She may not be the most talented singer in the entire world, but she does have the chops.

And then there’s teen (or pre-teen) sensation Justin Bieber.

C’mon! There really is nothing to discuss, is there?

You might or might not have heard about it, depending on whether you watch The Voice or not, but the celebrity grapevine has been burning because of the alleged snubbing that Christina Aguilera did on the show. During the last episode of The Voice, where Christina Aguilera is one of the judges, she had to eliminate one of her team members.

So Justin Bieber was also part of that particular episode, and after the elimination, he went down to the judges to make the courtesy calls. It seems that he was in the position to give the gorgeous singer a kiss and a hug when she was all set to give him a mere handshake. To her credit, she did adjust her own actions so as not to totally embarrass the kid. At least that is what I assume.

You can, however, infer so many different things and give the incident your own spin. One look at that photo above, and you might even feel justified in using the word “snub” to describe what Christina did. I think it’s just her innermost feelings coming through uncensored for a second. Being the celebrity that she is, she quickly did a 180 and even followed it up by praising the Biebs.

Get over it, kids.

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