Rachael Ray Opens Up About Her Upcoming Surgery

“A lot of people have told me about the surgery and they say the hardest part is just being quiet”

Rachael Ray, the queen of cooking talk show television told the crowd during a charity event hosted by Rosie O’Donnell. Despite the grim news, Rachael characteristically stayed upbeat as she candidly spoke about her upcoming throat surgery.

“I’m having voice surgery on Dec. 16, so we’re going to celebrate very quietly……It’s fine, it’s just a little bump, I need to get rid of it though.”

Ray explained, continuing to joke on how she planned to write on a pad of paper to communicate, saying that she was going to “grow back the callous” that she had in grade school.

In October, Rachael’s reps told the press that the cooking star had found a small lump in her throat and had to have it removed. They said it WASN”T throat cancer. Phew.