NCredible Health Hustle: Nick Cannon’s Web Documentary Series

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Nick Cannon is sick
Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is a personality in his own right, but he really got the attention of people when he hooked up with older singer Mariah Carey. You can say all you want about that – and his career as well, but it seems that the two are going strong. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Cannon’s body, which is not at its healthiest at the moment.

Nick Cannon has been hospitalized in recent times, with statements being released about his kidney failure. Even if you have not had to face this health problem, you are sure to have heard about the horrific conditions that can arise from it. And it just goes to show that Hollywood celebrities are definitely not immune from such things.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that Nick Cannon seems to be taking the bull by the horns and not calling it quits. It is said that he is slowly but surely coming to grips with his health problems – the kidney problem not being the only one. The 32-year-old has come clean with his health situation and has even launched a web series called NCredible Health Hustle.

The first episode details how the celebrity discovered that he had health problems, with Nick doing the narration himself. Of course, his wife Mariah and their twins are also part of the video series. There are no specific details about the future episodes, but they will definitely showcase the celebrity’s fight against lupus and other complications. He also plans to share his “battle plan”, which includes exercise and diet changes. I would not be surprised if the tone will be inspirational.

Here is the first episode of NCredible Health Hustle.

I think that this is one web series that is actually worth supporting, especially if you – or someone close to you – is suffering from a serious health condition as well.

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