Jared Leto recently gave an interview to Sirius Satellite Radio about gaining 62 pounds for a film role.  34-year-old Leto, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, played John Lennon’s assassinator David Chapman in the movie Chapter 27.  Here he is now.

Sirius:  Someone told me that the music is more important to you [than films], and that’s the priority.
Leto:  I don’t make a lot of films, because – I’m very picky #1; and we’re very involved with the band…we’re having a tremendous amount of success right now with 30 Seconds to Mars, but, January and February, I made a movie [called Chapter 27] and I gained 62 pounds for it.
Sirius:  Did you feel lethargic and miserable that way, and you couldn’t wait to lose it?
Leto:  Yes.
Sirius:  Is there a healthy way to gain weight?
Leto:  No. You cannot do it. You know, I don’t eat meat, so I would eat a large Dominoes pizza, every night for dinner. And then, it actually wasn’t any fun. Some people think ‘oh it was enjoyable’, but I was force feeding myself to such an extent that I would throw up in the back of my throat every day. My body was falling apart, and it was just really bad.
Sirius: Was it weird for your self-esteem to see yourself getting out of shape and not being you?
Leto:  It didn’t mess with my self esteem because I knew it was work. And I looked at it like climbing Mount Everest, or whatever a huge challenge would be for somebody, so I focused on that. But it did change the way people treated me…there was some funny situations where a very powerful person ran into me, and they looked at me, and they were like “Oh, You’ve just grown up, haven’t you?” (laughs)
8 days after I was done with the film, I fasted for 10 days, and I got right back on the road with 30 Seconds To Mars.

Wow.  62 pounds is a lot of twinkies….