Pregnant Celebrities Who Love Heels

Jessica Simpson Pregnant

Jessica Simpson

There is something to be said about high heels, and even women who will readily admit that heels can kill your feet will also say that heels give them an extra oomph. Whether you’re walking on the red carpet, the catwalk, or an ordinary street, the right pair of high heels just might make you feel a tad better about yourself.

But what about when you find out that you are pregnant? And what about when your belly starts showing, not to mention that your body starts feeling the weight? There is no written rule about pregnant women not wearing high heels, but anyone who has carried another life inside her would know that comfort might just carry a heavier premium during those nine months.

Then again, who says you have to give your heels just because you have a bun in the oven? These celebrities certainly do not!

First up we have Jessica Simpson. The picture above was taken in November 2011, when she went all dressed up for the FFaNY Awards. Lovely red dress, and killer high heels.

Next in line is Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson Pregnant

Kate Hudson

I don’t know about you, but she looks like she is having fun in her high heels and that the last thing on her mind is aching feet!

Of course, no one really expected Beyonce to give up her heels even while pregnant, right?

Beyonce Knowles Pregnant

Beyonce Knowles

This photo does not show her baby bump much, but boy, do her shoes look good!

Heidi Klum probably sleeps in high heels. Why would anyone expect her to ditch them when she was pregnant?

Heidi Klum Pregnant

Heidi Klum

Two things: these celebrities looked gorgeous pregnant, and they don’t seem to have problems with swollen feet and all those things ordinary pregnant women suffer from. Or do they?

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