Jennifer Lopez Signs Up As L’Oreal Girl

Jennifer Lopez is the new face of L’oreal!  The sweet yet fiery  Latina is very excited to take on this iconic role for the cosmetic brand as she believes the brand epitomizes glamour.

Being a hard working glamour mom certainly doesn’t seem  to take toll on the songstress herself. She still boasts of dangerous curves, glowing skin and long luscious flowing locks. Who could ever guess  she is a 41 year old mamita?

Lopez  says it is very important for her to maintain great skin and beautiful hair. She wants to emphasize on a healthy look which entails keeping her hair in good condition and her skin  in top form

Although not everyone is blessed with good genes, it is not impossible to achieve a healthy young looking glow.  Jennifer strongly advises women in  any  age group to take time to look after themselves.

She says to avoid sun exposure , smoking and drinking. You would think how a woman in her status can avoid  getting sucked into an unhealthy lifestyle of non stop over indulgence in alcohol, smoking .. and  late night partying. But this girl from the block firmly believes in keeping the excesses to a bare minimum by eating healthy, not smoking and binging on alcohol and going tan crazy chasing the sun.

For most Caucasians, sun damage is a detrimental factor to losing that healthy glow.  Always use sunscreen whenever  you step out of the house. Lopez admits her excitement  since she  herself will tell you that  she admires  how L’Oreal is always instep with glamour and innovation.



Photo Credit: al7n6awi

Photo Credit: al7n6awi


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