Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings [Video]

The say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while not every girl dreams of getting a ring on her finger, it seems that the women of Hollywood have no qualms about getting engagement rings on theirs. And in true Hollywood style, some of the stars who have high profiles have rings so extravagant that they can feed a third world country.

There is no secret that celebrities can go overboard with their engagements and weddings, but have you ever wondered just how much real people (yes, they still are real people somehow) can spend on a single ring? A video recently shown by Huffington Post gives a rundown of the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Are you ready to be amazed? I am telling you, your jaw will drop. Whether it is because you can’t believe the astounding amounts spent on the engagement rings or it is because you are envious and want one yourself – I will not dare presume.

So here are the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

  1. Jennifer Garner: $500,000, 4.5 carats
  2. Jennifer Lopez: $1 million, 8.5 carats
  3. Katie Holmes: $1.5 million, 5 carats
  4. Heidi Klum: $1.5 million, 10 carats
  5. Catherine Zeta Jones: $2 million, 10 carats
  6. Kim Kardashian: $2 million, more than 20 carats
  7. Mariah Carey: more than $2 million, 59 diamonds
  8. Melania Trump: $3 million, 15 carats
  9. Paris Hilton: $4.7 million, 24 carats
  10. Beyonce Knowles: $5 million, 18 carats

Sure, diamonds last forever – and they better do with those price tags! It’s a pity that the celebrity relationships they are supposed to seal have a much shorter shelf life. Here’s the video if you want to see some of the engagement rings for yourself.

Via Huffington Post