Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Confirm Enagagement


Supermodel Kate Moss & superfreak beau Pete Doherty have finally put some damn confirmation into their rumored engagement, which is more like a rumored engagment if you ask me.

At a recent Babyshambles concert, Pete dedicated a song to his ladyfriend Kate, his new fiancee.

The concert in east London’s Hackney Empire saw Pete yell, “I am dedicating this song…”   And this is where the crowd erupted replying, “Kate!  Kate!”  before Pete got a chance to finish his sentence.

But Doherty was able to get out the words, “Yes, to my beautiful fiancee,” before he wrestled a song out of his lungs.

God, if this doesn’t spell disaster, I don’t know what does!

You tell me, is a Kate Moss & Pete Doherty really a good idea?

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