Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy May Elope

Jim Carry Jenny McCarthy Elope.jpgReports are circulating that sweethearts Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy may elope at the end of the summer.  Just out of the relationship closet, I’m not whether to believe the reports or not.

Carrey & McCarthy began dating earlier this year after former Playboy bunny McCarthy split from her husband John Asher.  Apparently they are so smitten with each other, they’re planning to tie the knot in a quickie-style wedding.

“Friends” of the couple report that the pair are planning to dash off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Labor Day weekend & make it official.

This would be the third marriage for Carrey who was married to actress Lauren Holly & his first wife Melissa Womer.  I can see my way clear of this relationship working, if nothing else I think it would make a great voicemail recording, “Hello!  You’ve reached Jim & Jenny.  So sorry we missed you, please leave a message & we’ll call you back once we’re done with all this tantric sex.”