There are blings about this holiday season and they come in heavy carat-age and loud cha-chings! It seems Christmas is the best time to get down on your knees and pop the question. If you’re not rockin’ a baby bump, sport a blinding rock on your finger .
Rosie O’ Donnel broke her happy news during a commercial break on The Rosie Show as she described her proposal to Michelle Rounds. With her head down and a lump in her throat, she hands out the bauble to the NY based IT head hunter whom she met at Starbucks.
There were plans of a Christmas wedding, but it seems the couple are considering a late spring celebration to accommodate more friends and loved ones. O’Donnel obviously is quite smitten with 28 yr old Rounds, saying that she knew that Michelle was exactly what she wanted just a week after they met in September!
Truth of the matter was, O’Donnel had her gay-dar on the blink at the time and actually thought Michelle was straight. In fact, Michelle’s parents are in painful shock as they always thought she was straight. Well, that $100,000 rock on her finger certainly sets everything straight. Significantly, Rosie chose a platinum ring that shows off a ring of rounds that sets a cushion cut 4-carat diamond.
Rosie’ chidren with ex, Kelli Carpenter on the other hand, are excited about the news of their ……mom’s new found love.

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