Jennifer Esposito Files for Divorce from Hubby Bradley Cooper


Crash actress Jennifer Esposito has apparently filed for divorce from her husband of four months, Wedding Crashers actor Bradley Cooper.  All the news reports are coming out clearly stating that it’s a divorce, but if you’re married under six months- isn’t that really an annulment?

Anyhoo, the divorce/annulment papers were filed in an L.A. court on Tuesday, citing , as usual, irreconcilable differences.  Why can it never be anything more interesting than that?  Like, My husband is being controlled by Scientology aliens or something?

Esposito & Cooper dated for more than a year before getting engaged & then married back in December.

The two dated a little over a year before getting engaged in October of 2006, and tied the knot December 21.

Esposito’s rep had nothing to say, while Cooper’s rep stated, that the couple have “actually they’ve been separated for quite a while.”

But you know, it can’t really have been ‘quite a while’ if they just got freeking married in December.  These silly little reps……..

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