Last Pictures of Anna Nicole Smith’s Son Daniel Sold

anna-nicole-smith-son-daniel-pictures-last.jpgYou know, I never quite know how to take these types of things.  Reps for Anna Nicole Smith have sold the last known photographs of Daniel Wayne Smith for more than $600,000.  Daniel tragically & suddenly died in the Bahamas last week shortly after seeing mom Anna Nicole & his newborn sister.

The pictures of Daniel, Anna Nicole & her newborn daughter were taken just hours before Daniel’s death.

Reports are in that In Touch magazine paid $400,000 for the print exclusive, beating out People’s $350,000 bid.  Entertainment Tonight and The Insider paid an estimated $250,000 for the TV rights to the photos.

An In Touch rep stated, “Our story will be a tribute to Daniel’s life as well as a celebration of it.”

Hopefully the photo money will go to charity or a fund set up in Daniel’s name.