Scarlett Johansson Quotes on Being Curvy, Marriage & Career

scarlett-johansson-quotes-9-19-2006.jpgLet’s take some wanted time with sexy actress Scarlett Johansson & get to know her a little better. Here are some recent quotes on how the young temptress feels.

On Being Curvy:

I’m curvy — I’m never going to be 5’11’ and 120 pounds,” she tells the mag. “But I feel lucky to have what I’ve got.”

On Telling All:

“I can’t stand those articles where people spill their life story. After a while I feel like I know more about them than their best friend does — and that’s weird. It’s better when you don’t know everything.”

That’s so true. I feel like I know Lindsay Lohan’s breasts better than she does, I see them popping out of her shirt all the damn time.

On Her Career:

“Do I ever get nervous about this, right now, being the pinnacle of my career? Yeah, I do. At the end of (filming) every movie I think, `Wow — this is the last one! Nice working with you.'”

On Marriage:

“Of course I want to get married, but I’m way too young,” she says. “I’m not ready to sacrifice a lot of things in my lifestyle just to have an engagement ring.”

Scarlett & fellow actor Josh Harnett have been together for a while now, sharing that oh-so-insulated apartment together.

On Trading Jobs with George W:

“Whose life would I like to step into for the day? The president’s. I could probably get some things done in the Oval Office.”

I’m sure you could, Scarlett. I’m sure you could. Does it, I daresay, have anything to do with a cigar?