7 Celebrities Who Have Amazing Cars

The rich and famous can have it all … and they especially like having it all when it comes to their ride. While some A-listers like Julia Roberts and Adrian Grenier prefer to tool around in their Prius, others enjoy the spoils.

Some celebrities prefer “regular” cars because the paparazzi are less likely to spot them. However, as happened with Reese Witherspoon’s arrest, a ho-hum car doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get caught on camera.

Which celebrities boast the most incredible of cars?

1. Jay-Z


Mr. Beyonce has a Maybach Exelro, but you can, too — for only $8 million. It was featured in his “Lost One” video and basically looks like the Batmobile. It reaches speeds of 218, even with its big size, and it probably has enough room for Blue Ivy (although Mom probably frowns on that). By far this is the most expensive celebrity car, but the downside is that media photographers everywhere know exactly who’s in it.

2. Simon Cowell


A Bugatti Veyron is the ride of choice for The X Factor’s most love-to-hate judge. It’s the second fastest car in the world, and Cowell has a penchant for fast things. A Ferrari is also in his garage, but a Phantom Rolls Royce — the same as the Queen of England — is also one of his modes of transportation. Since the Bugatti retails for just under $2 million, though, it’s his most expensive vehicle.

3. Nicolas Cage


He may be a little kooky, but Cage knows his stuff when it comes to cars — which made him a natural in Gone in 60 Seconds. He used to ride around town in a Ferrari Enzo, but sold it because of his financial troubles. There were only 399 of the Enzos made, and Cage dropped over $600,000 to purchase his. One hopes the next owner has better luck.

4. David Beckham


Seems like no British celeb can go without a Rolls Royce Phantom, and Becks decided to have his customized. His number “23” is embroidered on the seats, just in case the paps weren’t 100 percent sure whose Phantom was parked outside of The Ivy (there are so many in town, after all). He spent a little over $400,000, but there’s no telling how much dough he’s kicked into it for personalization.

5. Kim Kardashian


A Ferrari F430 is the last thing this new mom needs, given how much the Kardashian sisters are shown talking on the phone while driving. Relatively speaking, the price tag is modest (under $200,000), but Kim probably has a new, safer ride (with a big backseat) now that she’s toting around little North. Maybe Kanye will gift her a new ride for her push gift … perhaps a luxury SUV?

6. P Diddy


Do rappers and Maybachs just go hand in hand? It seems so, because Diddy also rocks this car — and so did his son on his sweet sixteen. A 16-year-old and a Maybach are a recipe for disaster, but don’t worry. The car also came with a driver to escort the lucky heir around the city. However, it’s likely that Diddy has also let him take the wheel.

7. Jerry Seinfeld


This comedian adds a Porsche into the mix with a 959. He’s a Porsche collector, and the 959 was purchased for around $700,000 — but it’s stuck in the garage. It doesn’t pass DEQ emissions testing.

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