Whitney Houston hasn’t even been laid to rest yet but controversies are already hounding her family.

According to reports from the media, Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy is said to be quite distressed because of what she claims is Bobby Brown’s attempts to try and get on the good side of Brown and Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. He’s doing this for very selfish reasons – to try and get his hands on Whitney’s fortune. It is said that the “I Will Always Love You” superstar’s estate is worth around $20 million. And there is speculation that this could easily double given the posthumous sales of her albums – which are getting a lot of interest following her death.

Bobby Brown is effectively bankrupt so the suspicions about his real intentions are all too prevalent. But Brown and his camp has said that he has no ulterior motives and is genuinely trying to connect with all of the people around Whitney.

A lot of people blame Brown for Whitney’s eventual drug addiction, so you can imagine the level of animosity towards Brown right now.

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