Brangelina to Get Married in France

Brangelina French Estate

Brangelina French Estate

So the “good old US of A” is not good enough for the most famous celebrity couple of this generation? Is that it?

Probably not.

It is no secret that the famed Hollywood couple have properties around the world, and it just so happens that they have an estate in the south of France. Mind you, the use of the word estate is not an exaggeration in this case as the couple’s property is indeed worthy of that name. One can even call in a mansion housed in sprawling grounds. But do you expect anything less from Brangelina?

After so many years of being a couple – not to mention the countless children – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally decided to seal their relationship with the social construct that is marriage. Whether you call it a fairy tale ending or not, the planned wedding is definitely going to go down in history as worthy of being in a fairy tale.

The wedding is slated to happen in the summer, with preparations already on going. As can be expected, the wedding is going to be lavish, but it seems that the guest list will only be around 200 to 300 people. Either the couple wants a “small” wedding or the village where the estate is located is not big enough to hold more people.

The couple has also announced that they plan to live in the UK after the wedding. It’s not that they are throwing away their American roots. It’s just that Angelina is going to shoot some movies in the UK, so indeed, why not live there?

Stay tuned for what might very well be the real wedding of the century.