These Celebs are Japanophiles

It’s no secret that Japan is one of the most beautiful and most visited countries in the world. And once you’ve been here, it’s hard not to fall in love with the culture, the food, the people, and the places that would make you want to never leave. Everyone gets hit by the country love bug including some of your favorite celebrities who have openly expressed their admiration for Japan and have even gone great lengths to express it.

These celebs, just like you, are madly in love with the Land of the Rising Sun:


Making it on the top of the list is the “Mother Monster” herself, Lady Gaga, who is a well-known Japanophile and has always expressed her love for the country. Announcing on social media that Tokyo is her favorite place, it’s no wonder why she keeps on coming back and why she loves donning Japanese-inspired outfits and makeup. She even got her “TOKYO LOVE” tattoo in Japan during her trip in 2009 in honor of working with photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.

Proving that this is not a lip service, Gaga supported the advocacy of MTV Video Music Aid Japan Benefit Concert that raised money and awareness to help the earthquake and tsunami victims of the Tohoku region in 2011. She also designed “We Pray for Japan” charity bracelets to raise money for the disaster victims giving all proceeds to the Tsunami Relief Efforts in Japan. Aside from these, the “Born This Way” singer helped in boosting the country’s sagging tourism industry saying that “everyone should come visit this beautiful place”. Japan couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador than one of the world’s biggest entertainment stars.


The 24-year old pop star and a professed Japanophile has always been vocal about her admiration for Japan. On her social media posts, she often tweets about her love for the country saying “I love Japan so much, it’s heaven. I’ve taken a million photos on my little Polaroid camera. I’m such a tourist. Love to everybody back home”. Ariana is a frequent visitor and enjoys shopping in Harajuku. In 2016, she and her boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, traveled to Japan to spend the weekend together.

The singer’s love affair with the country has gone far that she’s even learning to write hiragana, often posting pictures of her practice writing in notebooks. She also posts Japanese tweets such as “I love Japan” and “I miss Japan!” and even talks Nihongo to her Japanese fans. No wonder that she has a huge following in Japan making her albums to consistently rank in the top 3 of the Japanese charts rivaling that of Taylor Swift’s.


The world may popularly know him as “Agent K” in “Men in Black”. But for the Japanese, he is the “Boss” – Suntory’s brand of canned coffee. Since 2006, Jones has appeared in a series of Boss coffee ads and commercials.

While foreign celebrity appearances in Japanese commercials is nothing new, Jones expressed his sincere admiration for Japan by being the only foreign celebrity to appear in an unpaid commercial along with a whole host of Japanese celebrities to raise Japan’s spirit after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

The “Man in Black” star has been often spotted in Japan enjoying his private time. A few years back, he was seen feeding the deer in Nara, Japan.


While once accused of racism following her opening performance in a geisha outfit at the 2013 American Music Awards, Katy Perry has always been obsessed with the Japanese culture and people. She revealed in an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that her obsession was developed as a result of her parents taking in Japanese exchange students when her sister was banished from the family home.

“I am obsessed with Japanese people, I love everything about them and they are so wonderful as human beings.”, Perry said as she recalled that she wanted to borrow the exchange student’s clothes but they were weirded out by it.


Keanu Reeves is no stranger to Japan. Having been touted as one of the most well-loved Hollywood celebrities in the country, he has been spotted many times doing location scouting and being just a simple tourist. His movie, 47 Ronin, is a samurai movie that was filmed in Japan. During an interview, Keanu mentioned that he was trying to learn the bushido, the way (or the moral) of the warrior, what does it mean to live by the bushido code, and its sacrifice.

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