Taylor Momsen is Stupid

Sixteen year-old Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen says she has a knife collection and carries a favorite knife with her all the time, even on a plane, because it “relaxes her.” What’s more, it’s a switchblade, which last I checked is illegal in many countries, but most especially on a plane.

In a world where innocent children are wrongly on no-fly lists and thirsty seniors have to dump bottles of water before, it’s nice to see that airport security personnel are doing their job so thoroughly with imbeciles like Momsen, who claims she flew from New York to LA with some knives in her purse. But I guess when you’re 16 and promoting a bad called The Pretty Reckless, you have to come up with some gimmick to look cool. I mean, it’s not like it’s enough to wear torn see-through lace outfits, be a poser rockstar, and have an album called Make Me Wanna Die. On the other hand, the audio slideshow clip below has what’s probably one of her edgiest songs, Blender, showing that she does have some talent. (Warning: NSFW lyrics)