Steven Tyler Interview On The Street

Steven Tyler may love himself a little too much, according to a recent statement made to TMZ, Tyler doesn’t want American Idol contestants to sing his bands songs.

When asked if contestants get bonus points for singer an Aerosmith song Tyler respondsed with “Never, I look at them twice and say don’t even try it, don’t even.”

Oddly enough Tyler seemed to enjoy James Durbin singing “Dream On” during the audition round of Idol, but perhaps he was just being nice after producers inevitably told him the kid was going to make it into the Top 24.

When asked if he thought it was okay to sing a J. Lo song Tyler seemed to take a poke at her stating “has anyone done that yet?”

Tyler also described Season 10 of the show as a Tilt A Whirl ride being mixed with something else, although he wasn’t quite clever enough to come up on the spot with a combination of two experiences to finish his thought before snapping a picture of the Paparazzi with his own brand new camera.

See the quick video interview: HERE