Selena Gomez is better than Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

The wonderful thing about Disney isn’t that they own two different fantasy lands or that you still aren’t sure why Pluto is a dog dog and Goofy is a dog that can talk, it’s that they can pump out child celebrities like it’s their business. Why? Because it is their business! Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the Jonas Brothers have all come through the ranks of the Disney factory.

The most famous of all though might be Miley Cyrus. Some people find her attractive probably because she is on the edge of pervertedness and she got her teeth fixed, while others can’t stand her. Her closest competition in the Disney fam is Selena Gomez and she is a million times better than Miley. From the looks to the singing to the class, this girl beats Miley like Mike Tyson beats a watermelon.

You don’t see pics like this of Miley unless there is a snow cone, stripper pole and her dad somewhere in the background. Maybe Selena has it easy because Miley gets the majority of the attention and therefore will do no better than to end up like Britney and Lindsay…wait they all end in ‘y’ like Miley. Yeah she is screwed.

So there it is, I say Selena is better and although I could care less about either one of them, I know you do and therefore I write about them.

Team Selena son! Eat some face.