First Post-Breakup Photos of Sandra Bullock Surface Online

Sandra Bullock post breakup photos

Sandra Bullock has been photographed for the first time since the news of her husband, Jesse James lurid affairs were made public, and it’s not hard to tell the 46 year old has been under a tremendous amount of stress.

UsMagazine acquired the photos (embedded below) and hired a body language expert to to analyze them. Patti Wood says:

“She is gripping the coffee cup very high up,” notes Wood. “That’s what you do when you really want to grab a hold of something and show your power. She’s really making it obvious and playing toward the camera to show that empty finger.”

Bullock also is wearing a black North Face jacket, black ball cap and scarf around her neck.

“She’s chosen a heavily padded jacket and has it zipped up very high,” observes Wood. “The choice of her scarf, which is tied over heart, means that she is hiding her heart window and throat window, which is the communication window.”