Most Fashionable Female Celebs in the 20th Century

Fashion-conscious women around the world normally look up to female celebrities for inspiration. They get fashion style tips and tricks from their favorite TV and movie icons when they see them on the small and big screens, online as well as on magazines.

The fashion cycle continues in the world of showbusiness and the 20th century has produced its own set of style icons. These fashionista celebrities never cease to make a statement whether attending an important event or simply going about their regular lives when not in front of the camera.

While many endorse specific brands of clothing or designer clothes, some are not very particular about brands as long as they feel comfortable wearing the clothes they like regardless of the style.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This Sex and the City star is a fashion risk-taker and a style icon. In fact, she has her very own clothing line now called Bitten that aims to provide cute yet affordable clothing to the masses.

Katie Holmes

She may be known for her signature jeans look but Katie Holmes also loves classic cuts and sophisticated styles. On ordinary days while out on the streets, she can be very simple and casual but when attending important events, she can also carry herself well in a gown or even in a tight-fitting dress. Her fashion sense also shows on the way she dresses her daughter Suri.

Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss is considered one of the most stylish celebrities. This supermodel is known for her cool and fashion-forward look.


Singer and actress Madonna also made her own fashion statement during the peak of her career. Her fashion style is referred to as a chameleon as it never fails to keep up with the trend.

With Madonna, various transformations occurred yet they all made a mark and her fans loved it.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot’s fashion style also inspired many generations. Her style was considered French chic and during the peak of her career, she could pull off any outfit from a pantsuit to a signature swimsuit and floppy hat.

The French actress never failed to grab attention with whatever she’s wearing from jeans and a t-shirt to a fully covered skirt suit. She was just exuding with sex appeal even in a simple outfit.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn created a distinct look during her time. Known as the epitome of sophistication, the actress became well known for that little black dress and capri pants.

Fashion critics and writers have noted that Hepburn was always involved in choosing her outfits during her entire career. She knew what clothes would suit a particular character she’s portraying.