Miley Cyrus Is Legal! Celebrates 18th Birthday

Miley Cyrus - 18th Birthday Bash

Miley Cyrus has entered her adult years! The teen star officially turned 18 on Tuesday.

Cyrus spent her 18th birthday making out with Avan Jogia and chain smoking at Hollywood hotspot Toursadale.

Left off the guest list? Godmother Dolly Parton who has constantly spoke out against Miley’s often raunchy adult side, including her love of giving 40 year old men lap dances.

Parton said of Miley:

“Hopefully she didn’t get that from me because I certainly never encouraged her to do any of that… I think she’s just in a cross – she’s just kind of in a crosswind trying to overcome the Hannah Montana little girl, and trying to become a young woman… I don’t know if she’s surrounded by people that are helping (her to) not make the wise decisions…”

Oh Miley Cyrus, how you grew up and raunchy so quickly. Is it time for your Lovato size meltdown yet?