Michael Jackson’s Glove, Fedora Sell For Big Bucks At Auction

Michael Jacksons "Bad" Glove and Fedora

Need a pair of gloves for the winter? You can get one of Michael Jackson’s for the very low cost of just $330,000. That’s the price one bidder was willing to pay at a recent Julien’s Auction event. The glove in question was worn on the “Bad” tour in the 1980s.

Also sold at the event? a $72,000 Fedora also from the Michael “Bad” era.

Other bidders also showed up for numerous items that didn’t belong to Michael Jackson, including x-ray pictures of Albert Einstein’s brain which sold for $38,750 and a set of Marilyn Monroe prescription bottles went for $18,750.

I think I paid $10 for my last pair of gloves and I got two of them.