$3 Charge To Leave Flowers On Michael Jackson’s Grave

Michael Jackson

How does California plan to get out of debt? Apparently by charging Michael Jackson fans $3 just to leave flowers on the pop stars grave.

The charge, which is in effect at this time comes with a $3 “delivery fee.”

Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale where Michael Jackson is buried originally had a stage where gifts could be left, however they recently removed that stage and announced the new fee. For $3 a member of the cemetery staff will hand-deliver a fans flowers to the Jackson mausoleum.

According to executives at the cemetery, after Lisa Marie Presley asked fans to leave his favorite Sunflowers at the site the cemetery has been overwhelmed with flowers, leading to the fee.

On the other side of gifting, teddy bears, candles and all other gifts are being thrown away when they arrive.

Fans are also forbidden from inside the mausoleum so you can’t skip the fee and deliver your gift on your own.