Michael Jackson Fragrance Line To Debut In March

Michael Jackson Performing

The “post” Michael Jackson era has begun and now the Jackson Estate or at least Joe Jackson can add a fragrance collection to their rapidly growing list of Posthumous products with the king of pops name attached to them.

Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson has teamed up with a french perfume company to release a Jackson scent line.

Jackson signed the deal with Julian Rouas Paris Company to create the collection which will debut in just a few short months.

Rousas Paris Chief Executive Frank Rouas told PopCrunch:

“With Joe Jackson, we are 50-50 partners in world sales, television rights and advertising receipts. We did it very, very quickly. Usually it takes a year.”

According to Rouas he met with the Jackson family at a Las Vegas trade fair where they sampled his Versailles cologne and agreed to meet with him in their private salon. After agreeing to form a partnership the Jackson estate then helped choose the scents that would become part of Jackson’s fragrance line.

The line is inspired by plants found around Neverland Ranch.

While the partnership is 50/50, part of the proceeds will go to support some of Jackson’s favorite charities.

What do you think, would you be willing to wear a posthumous Jackson scent?


  1. This is a Joe Jackson deal – NOT an Estate deal

  2. Nessie Amsterdam says:

    This is NOT an Estate deal – do your research!

    The lawyer for the Estate has already said as much.

    The jurisdiction of the Estate is contained to the United States, which is why they cannot stop Joe Jackson from launching this travesty. It is a French company, thus outside of the U.S.

    That is the reason why the Estate could not stop Debbie Rowe and her friend from producing the “Michael Jackson” TV program (or what ever it was) in Japan.

  3. Chris Franklin says:

    You are correct, correction was made, the first few sources said he met with Joe, Janet and other members of the family in Vegas.

  4. hey why not if u had a famous love one you’ll try to make some money it couldn’t be no worse then the dirty scum bags media that sit up and writes nasty lies about him and the stupid public buys into it and as well as his so called friends that will do anything 4 the almighty dollar so it so easy 4 us to judge joe jackson but we wouldn’t feel that way if we were in his shoes and big fat debbie she has no right to make money off him he gave her fat A*** 8 million bucks what did she do with her horses ? she ate them 2 that y she’s so damn fat i wonder if she ever heard of weight watchers

  5. MurphysLaw says:

    This is not to denigrate the Jackson Family but this macabre exploitation of Michael Jackson doesn’t sit well with those of us who aspire to be most compassionate. With the worst of motives, Julian Franck Rouas is eager to exploit Michael Jackson’ s name and likeness. To put it in a nutshell it means that this self-proclaimed perfume Designer knows virtually nothing about perfumes, and wants to make a quick buck by any means necessary. It’s not just a matter of perspective, this infamous scam-artist is always embroiled in an on-going stream of upsets and legal disputes. In nearly every instance, what Julian Franck Rouas has touched has turned to poop. He is a plumb nuisance! All the evidence point towards a clear conclusion: this is a perfume scam coup!! Julian Franck Rouas is a rogue businessman who hardly considers Michael Jackson as a human being, but rather as a tool. Same goes for Joe Jackson; his brain has been desensitized.
    The Michael Jackson Estate has not approved this shady venture, justifiably so!! It’s imperative that this Joe Jackson’ s perfume bonanza be stopped !!
    In the span of a few years, Julian Rouas has acquired a rotten reputation as a professional crook.
    PS: Google up ” Julian Rouas Scam”