Mel Gibson Hires Independent Observer So He Can Prove He’s A Good Dad

Mel and Oksana

Here’s a fun fact, Mel Gibson has hired an “independent observer” to watch over him and his children during his court approved visits. The observer has been hired so Mel can prove he’s not abusing the child he had with Oksana Grigorieva.

TMZ is reporting that the observer was hired a week ago for 2 reasons:
— To refute ongoing allegations by Oksana … sources say she keeps alleging that Mel is abusing their child.

— To facilitate and speed up the investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.

So let’s get this straight, Mel’s lawyers hired their own person to watch over Mel, so that independent observer could report to DCFS? Give me a break, that’s about as reliable as paying yourself to report on how you are handling yourself with your own children and of course Mel would be on his best behavior considering he’s being investigated.

Mel has had unsupervised visitation rights since March, this move seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt, but it doesn’t hide the knocked pictures of knocked out teeth, along with threatening tapes and text messages we’ve already seen….nice try Mel!


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