Madonna’s Hard Candy Gym Mexico Location Could Be Shut Down

Madonna Hard Candy Gym

On Monday Madonna visited Mexico City where she opened her new Hard Candy Fitness Gym location, but now officials in the city are already trying to close the location down.

According to local officials, the gym doesn’t have a security plan or land use permit, both requirements to do business in Mexico City.

Officials say Madonna must obtain the land use permit by Friday if she plans to keep the gym open.

An official told Televisa:

“If they don’t have a land use permit, they will not be able to operate.”

Parking is another issue that must be overcome by the gym, with proof of parking shown to continue operation.

Madonna loves performing in the city and told Mexican newspaper Milenio:

“I’ve come to Mexico for years to do research, I love Mexican culture, architecture, food, music and art,” while adding, “A lot of places I go to are considered dangerous whether that’s Tel Aviv or Rio, that never stops me from going somewhere to put on a show. I’m not hindered by that. I have good security and I’m not worried about it.”

We have a feeling this one will work itself out.