Mad Magazine Cover Spoofs Justin Bieber

Mad Magazine - Justin Bieber Cover Spoof

Wow, Alfred E. Neuman, better known as the Mad Magazine guy does a pretty good Justin Bieber imitation on the magazines Feb. 16, 2011 issue.

Speaking about the cover MAD editor-in-chief John Ficarra told the Associated Press:

“That was probably the highlight of his career and being on the cover of MAD is the lowlight. We like to do what we call Zeitgeist covers,” while adding, “When we found that his movie was debuting just about the same time we would be coming with the issue, we knew he’d be all over the place. He’ll hate it and buy every copy, and it will be a sellout. Or, conversely, Bieber won’t even notice and we’ll probably sell three copies of the issue.”

Funny thing about Justin Bieber fans, they tend to threaten death to people who make fun of their favorite heartthrob singer and Ficarra is aware of that issue and aware that other singers in the past, such as the New Kids On The Block, have also generated threats against the magazine.

Score one for Mad Magazine for their awesome Bieber cover, especially his hair and score another one for Justin Bieber and his crazy female teenager fans.