Lindsay Lohan’s White Dress Flies Off The Shelves, Sells Out

Lindsay Lohan White Dress In Court

The white dress that Lindsay Lohan wore to her recent court hearing has been flying off the shelf so fast that you’d be hard pressed to find it in stores or online at this time.

The “Glavis” dress, featured as part of the Kimberly Ovitz Pre-Fall collection sells for $575 but that hasn’t stopped customers from snatching them up at every online boutique and other locations they could find.

Lindsay told the press that she wore the white dress to signify her “innocence” in her recent jewelry theft case.

While the dress has been met with much fanfare, Lohan gawked at the idea that what she was wearing should matter:

“What i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it’s just absurd.”

Regardless of what Lohan things, we’re sure Ovitz is very pleased with the results.