Jason Segel Sexed Lindsay Lohan


While Tiger is trying his best to stop women from coming out the woodwork, Lindsay Lohan is trying her best to drive attention towards her. Last week it was John Mayer and Cash Warren and this week she has bagged Jason Segel.

You can say all you want about her having STDs and being raggedy, but if she can bang almost any celeb she wants, she has some mad skills. She has lost all attractiveness in my book so this is even more amazing feat to me and somewhere there is a lesson to be found for women across the world. I can’t teach you that lesson because I feel it is only fair that you learn it on your own, but to put things in perspective…


…she is having sex with the men you want to have sex with. And she is broke. And has no star power. And has nothing in life going for her.

It’s only Monday, things will get worse.