Lindsay Lohan Dropping Last Name, But She’s No Madonna

Linday Lohan - Mean Girls

When we think of Beyonce Knowles we think “Beyonce” and when we think of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone the name that comes to us is “Madonna” but when we think of Lindsay Lohan, the name “Lindsay” probably isn’t what we think of (insert your own thoughts about Lindsay here), yet the troubled actress is dropping her last name in the hopes that she’ll be the next Oprah or Britney or Brandy or Whitney.

The actress says she wants to go by just her first name, a move that comes just as her mother Dina Lohan prepares to change her own last name back to her maiden “Sullivan” to rid herself of ex-husband Michael’s surname as the family continues to pull further away from him.

Dina on Friday told PopEater:

“Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay. Plus, me and [17-year-old daughter] Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan.”

When asked about the separation from his family Michael responded with:

”At the outset, it hurts to hear something like that, but at the end of the day, it’s never going to happen. It’s a real shame Dina would make up this kind of story. From the time she came out to California, she’s tried to put a wedge between Lindsay and me,” adding,  “Every time she comes around, she tries to put a wedge, and it’s only harmful to Lindsay and the children. This family needs therapy.”

Michael then goes on to defend the family name:

“I’m proud of the Lohan name. It’s a name of integrity. We all had very successful jobs on Wall Street. My father was an unbelievable provider. My sisters are pillars of the community. There’s not a blemish in my family outside of me.”


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