Lobster Bisque with Lady Gaga, Anyone?

These days, you can put anything—and I mean anything—on Lady Gaga and she’ll pull it off.

Lady Gaga in London

Being a daring music icon makes her life so much easier, unlike up-and-coming celebrities who have to please the fashion police with designer labels and dress codes.

Lady Gaga Leaving Mr Chow's in London's Posh Knightsbridge District

Last Saturday, we spotted Lady Gaga in Mr. Chow’s Restaurant at 1:15am (and still kicking!) for a private celebration party for her tour team. They had just finished the second of two performance dates at the O2 Arena in London.

Lady Gaga in London

She was wearing a clear latex costume accessorized with a silver lobster headpiece and a chicken claw around her wrist. Don’t worry, PETA, they’re all fake!

* all images courtesy of Pacific Coast News