Lady Gaga’s Ex Is On The Prowl

Why is it that as soon as a celebrity’s star power skyrockets, a bitter ex-boyfriend, ex-friend, or ex-manager comes raging with a lawsuit?

Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari


Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend and former collaborator Rob Fusari is another one for the books. The songwriter/producer filed a $30-million case against Gaga, claiming that he was responsible for discovering Lady Gaga. He claims to hold responsibility for shaping and nurturing her sound and persona, only to have her abandon him and cut him out of her lucrative recording career once she became successful. Read the full story here.

Lady Gaga’s attorney responded by calling the case “unlawful” and that the lawsuit was “structured in such a way as to mask its true purpose—to provide to the defendants unlawful compensation for their services as unlicensed employment agents.”

Dude, nobody messes with the Gaga.