Lady Gaga dating Vampire Diaries star

Lady Gaga’s got a new boy toy—Taylor Kinney, better known as the “hot thing in The Vampire Diaries.” The two locked eyes (and eventually, lips) at the set of the music video for “You and I.” Incidentally, Taylor went shirtless for that video, which gave Lady Gaga a good chance to check out his…acting skills.

Since then the couple’s been seen making out in all of the trendiest places in California. You’d think that with their combined incomes they could afford to get a room, right? But, being ever so well-mannered, they do stop long enough from their “conversation” to sign autographs. They’ve also been spotted holding hands at a beach. Ah, young love.

Hope this works out better than Lady Gaga’s other relationships. Her ex Rob Fusari actually tried to sue for for $30.5 million, because he was responsible for turning her career around. He claims she was a rockstar nobody when they met, and then she dumped him when she became famous. Ah, but Rob, even if you did help her win two Grammies and produce several albums, do you look as good as Taylor Kinney without a shirt? See, a girl really needs to set priorities.