Lady Gaga’s Airport Ensemble

Lady Gaga in Japan

Most celebrities like to dress down when they hit the airport. Remember the days when the likes of Paris Hilton would go to the airport dressed in pajamas with a pillow in tow? They’ve had a long day, and they can’t wait to sleep it off in the plane.

Not Lady Gaga. She arrived at Narita International Airport in Chiba-prefecture, Japan yesterday dressed in this out-of-this-world outfit. She matched her leather gloves with black platform boots that must’ve given her eight extra inches in height.

Lady Gaga in Japan

After weeks of non-stop tours, guest appearances, and performances, I don’t know how she was able to keep her balance on those sky-high boots. Even supermodels Naomi Campbell and Aggy Deyn tripped on the catwalk wearing runway shoes that are as high as Lady Gaga’s.

Lady Gaga in Japan

It looks like she’s channeled her inner kawaii-ness for her Japanese audience. Check out the Japanese scribbles on her left arm. She must’ve been bored en route to Japan and borrowed a flight attendant’s pen. According to online sources, it translates to: “I Love small monster, Tokyo Love.” She also wrote the same message on her white Hermes tote.

Konichiwa, Lady Gaga!

* All photos courtesy of UPI