Kirk Cameron Defends His View on Gay Relationships

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Kirk Cameron, the erstwhile Growing Pains star who has become some sort of evangelist has been in hot water after his appearance in Piers Morgan Tonight. Asked about gay relationships, Cameron said that it is “unnatural… detrimental, and ultimately destructive.”

Cameron has gotten a lot of negative reaction to his stated views and it has come to a point that he just could not ignore it anymore so he issued a statement to try and explain himself. In the statement, Kirk Cameron said that he spoke as honestly as he could but there were people who think that his answers were not being seen as “loving” towards the gay community.

He then stated that he loves all people but that he should be able to express his moral views on social issues without being “slandered, accused of hate speech.”

He ended the statement with a plea that “we need to learn how to debate these things with greater love and respect.”  Cameron said that he is encouraged by the support of his family and even by his gay friends.

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