Keira Knightley Needed “Liquid Courage” To Film Sex Scenes

Let’s face it, sex scenes can really turn people on. It doesn’t even have to be porn. Really well made sex scenes in mainstream movies can be very erotic or overtly sexual that it can arouse people. But have you ever thought about what those actors feel when making acting in these scenes?

Keira Knightley will tell you that acting in sex scenes can be very difficult. In her new movie, A Dangerous Method, she had to some really heavy sex scenes and it was difficult for her to act in them. She recalled that it needed the help of some alcohol to help her loosen up and perform.

Keira said, “We had one or two shots maximum. It was a vodka shot to calm our nerves and away you go really. Then we had champagne. We drank quite a lot of champagne, actually. The vodka and the champagne was a good combination.”

Before you start thinking that A Dangerous Method is a sex film, it’s actually a movie about the rivalry between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Knightley will play Jung’s love interest, a sex-starved mental patient who is into masochism. Now, that’s a role.

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