Katherine Jackson Can’t Survive On $26,000 A Month

Katherine JacksonApparently Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, can’t afford to live on her current estate allowance of more than $26,000.

Jackson has petitioned the court as of yesterday, asking that the judge increase the amount of money she receives from her deceased son’s estate.

The judge noted:

“Counsel will give notice of proposed action re: adjustment to family allowance for the benefit of Katherine Jackson.”

Currently Jackson’s exact temporary allowance is set at $26,804.

It should be noted that the money Katherine receives is just from the estate, she reportedly makes a ton of other money from side projects.

It’s amazing that a one time poor family can’t survive for one month on more than many families make in this country in an entire one year period.


  1. They live a different life, we don’t know her expenses are and it’s none of our business. Michael was her son if she wants the money she should get it.

  2. There wouldn’t be an estate without Michael Jackson and the work he did for 45 years of his 50 years on this Earth. It’s just twisted that people don’t see anything wrong with big companies profiting from Jackson when his mother, whom he loved, has to be content with whatever the Estate gives her. And they make much more than $26,804 a month, you can be sure of that.

  3. Chris Franklin says:

    The “company” making Jackson’s money is the estate. It’s not all going out the door to others. The benefactors however are his children, not his mother. His will left the money to his children and even without a will, Probate law would have given the money directly to his surviving family members, since he’s no longer married and wasn’t at the time of his death that would be his children.

  4. Chris Franklin says:

    No she shouldn’t, under probate the money is going to his children once they are legal age to control the Estate minus any donations he made to charity as part of his will. It’s a matter of legal principal. The court must determine a set amount that his mother as the children’s legal guardian should receive to allow them to live a lifestyle they are accustomed to, without spending the bulk of their estate before they are legally allowed to control it.

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  6. My Two Cents says:

    How dare you makes such ignorant remarks!!! “A one time POOR family…” when was the last time that ANY Jackson was poor? And mind you she is caring for his 3 children and if they are being taught in a PRIVATE school I could definitely see that NOT being enough. GET OUT of their business and THANK God that she stepped up to take care of the kids and is dedicated to keeping them TOGETHER!!! smh at the NERVE of some people!!!