Popular Celebrity Board Games

Celebrities are already popular as they are. Whether they’re actors on TV and in the movies or hosts of famous TV shows, they have a lot of fans not only from their own country but even from abroad.

Some celebrities, however, also have their own merchandise that further promote their popularity worldwide. Did you know that there are certain board games for adults that feature some of your favorite actors and hosts?

We share some of the most unique here so read on.

Backstreet Boys Around the World Game

backstreet boys game

This is a fun game that involves a simple roll and move trivia. There will be times, though, that players will be asked to perform some of the band’s songs.

What’s more interesting here is the dice. It’s a custom dice with the BSB logo on one side and portraits of the band members on the other five sides.

Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game

vanilla ice rap game

To play this game, players must take turns adding rhyming word cards to the board. From there, they must rap out the completed phrases into the beat box mic provided.

Do the Urkel

do the urkel game

This is a risk and roll game that lets any player become the character of Urkel. To win the game, one needs to get into the character of Urkey by hiking up his or her pants, snorting, laughing and repeating the popular Urkel line.

For those eager to sing along the popular Do the Urkel Dance, the song’s lyrics are printed on the lid of the box.

Mr T Game

mr t game

This has two types – the Mr T card game and the other one is the board game. The card game is played similar to War but with the special Mr T card beating all the other cards.

The board game, meanwhile, features an adventure involving Mr T as he leads his team of child gymnasts around on special errands.

Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game

bruce jenner decathlon game

This is a fun game featuring cards, dice games, roll and move races as well as dexterity games.

To play those, the players have to play a disc flicking game with a twist. All they have to do is to flick the disk against a rubber band and make sure to land the rebound on zones with high scores.

N Sync Backstage Pass Game

nsync backstage pass game

Ideal for players aged 8 and above, the game requires players to answer multiple choice questions about the group N Sync such as Justin, JC, Joey, Chris and Lance as they move towards the stage. A player who matches the secret password will get a backstage pass and win.