Justin Timberlake Invites Andy Samberg on Tour for Some Dick

justin-timberlake-andy-sambery-dick-in-a-box-2-8-07.jpgAccording to PageSix, Justin Timberlake has invited Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg on tour.  Sounds like an odd matching, eh?

Remember a few weeks ago when Timberlake was hosting SNL & he and Andy sang a duet called “Dick in a Box”?  Yep, that’s the one.  If you didn’t catch it, here’s the video of the duo singing the duet.  Well, it looks like it was such a hit that Justin & Andy will be reuniting on stage at the Garden during Timberlake’s concerts this week to perform the laughable song once again.

One on Justin’s rep responded to the rumors saying, “There may be a lot of surprises at Justin’s show.”

That must be true if they’re taking another stab at “Dick in a Box.” 

So, is anyone going to be making it to the Timberlake shows?