Justin Bieber Named NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP

Justin Bieber named NBA All Star Celebrity Game MVP

He may have been robbed as the “Best New Artist” at this years Grammy Awards, but Bieber did manage to pick up a recent award, taking home the most valuable player title at this years NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

Bieber managed eight points with four assists and two rebounds during his teams 54-49 loss. Bieber was playing for the losing West coast side of the ball and missed a crucial 3-pointer with 30 second left in the game that would have tied the score and at least forced some overtime play.

Bieber’s team was coached by none other than Magic Johnson, but even his knowledge of the game couldn’t fend off the Eastern players who were led on the court by Scottie Pippen.

After the game Bieber’s security guards quickly escorted him off the court.

Here’s a video of Justin Bieber accepting his MVP award after the game:

Did you watch the game? If you did what did you think about Bieber’s performance, was it worth the MVP nod?