Justin Bieber Helps The Philippines Via Graffiti

Justin Bieber decided to atone for his sins by helping a damaged Philippines via…spray paint?

Justin Bieber prays for the Philippines. (Instagram)

Justin Bieber prays for the Philippines. (Instagram)

The Biebs puts his street art fascination to good use by making one for the victims of the recent super-typhoon Haiyan. How exactly did he do it?

With the help of his friend, Milk Tyson, he created a half-baked work of art and now plans to auction both the spray cans (signed, of course) and photos for a “soon-to-be-named” Philippine typhoon relief group.

justin bieber Autographed spray cans, anyone? (TMZ)

Autographed spray cans, anyone? (TMZ)

A source has shared to TMZ that Selena’s ex really wants to “get involved” on various efforts to restore the country’s devastated portion.

A fake photo of him on Tacloban (which is actually Guatemala) might be an indication, spreading through the Internet like wildfire with varying opinions.

Faker than fake "Tacloban"-tagged photo of Justin Bieber. (When In Manila)

Faker than fake “Tacloban”-tagged photo of Bieber. (When In Manila)

Will this PR effort be the success that it wants to be? We’ll have to check out the sales of next month’s Believe film to find out.