Justin Bieber Donates Hair To Ellen Degeneres For Charity Auction

Justin Bieber On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen Degeneres tweeted that she would love a lock of Justin Bieber’s recently cut hair so she could use it to raise money for charity. Apparently Bieber heard her pleas, appearing on her talk show with a box holding some of his famous locks.

Bieber told Ellen:

“Yes, it’s really my hair,” while adding that he’s giving away “pieces” of his hair to various friends so they can auction it off for charities.

Along with his hair, Bieber signed the glass box containing his hair before handing it over to Ellen.  Money from his hair will go to benefit Gentle Barn, an organization that trains therapy animals for children in need.

Ellen was quick to Tweet:

“My @JustinBieber hair has been up on ebay for an hour and it’s already at $10,000!”

Although we are seeing just $1,825.00 on eBay, it’s still an impressive amount for a piece of hair in a signed box. You can visit the eBay auction here: eBay Justin Bieber Hair Auction.